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Visiting Ukraine Kiev – The Best Place For Tourism

Recently, Ukraine has become a rather popular tourist destination, despite the situation in the East of our country. Foreigners admire the unity and strength of the Ukrainian people and are in a hurry to personally get acquainted with Ukraine. Kiev is considered one of the most popular destinations for tourism in Ukraine. In addition to a considerable number of attractions, this, of course, contributes to the developed infrastructure. Before the trip to Kiev, we recommend that you read carefully the latest information about Kiev, its establishments and sights and to find out How to Rent an Apartment in Kiev.
To get to the capital is not difficult. The easiest way to get to Kiev is with help of plains. The air gates of Kiev are the airports of Boryspil and Zhulyany. The second is much more convenient, because it is located within the city.
Even before arriving in Kiev, it is best to take care of excursions in advance, in Kiev there are many touristic companies that offer tours around Kiev. Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe. Accordingly, Kiev - the cheapest city from European capitals.
Kiev tourist attractions
In the center of the city you can see houses that are more than 100 years old, and next to them are modern buildings, the beauty of which amazes. This all in an amazing way is combined with each other.
This section is virtually inexhaustible, so let's go over the most zest of the City.
• Podil secrets. The second most ancient district in Kiev. It attracts guests with a mass of unique temples, unique low houses and winding entrance courtyards.
• National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine named after TG Shevchenko. The building in the style of the French Renaissance was built in 1898-1901. It was in this theater in 1911.
• The main entrance to Kiev since the time of Yaroslav the Wise. Near the gate you will see a monument to Yaroslav the Wise himself. And in the nearby square you can find a sculpture of the bronze cat of Panteleimon, which you must simultaneously hold by the tail and ears, put coins under his paws and make a wish. And it will certainly come true.
• St. Sophia Cathedral. The cathedral, located on Mikhailovskaya Square, was erected by the Kiev prince Svyatopolk, the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, in 1108-1113. Unfortunately, in 1937 the cathedral was destroyed, as it was planned to unite the Sophia and Mikhailovskaya squares. And only in 1997-1999 most of the monastic complex was rebuilt.
• Independence Square. The main square of Kiev. In the center, on a 50-meter column of marble, a sculpture of Ukrainian girl with a branch of the guelder rose in her hands is located.
• Institute of Noble Maidens and National Bank of Ukraine. Both buildings are monuments of architecture.
• House with chimeras. The house was built in 1901-1903 according to the project of its first owner - architect V. Gorodetsky. The house is decorated with figures of fantastic animals and reptiles.
Kiev Hotels
There are no problems with hotels. There are a lot of different hotels and apartments in Kiev. You can find a place to live in any district of the city for any price. There are places even in the hottest season, and thanks to the huge competition the level of service is quite decent. You can book an option you like, for example, through online sites using tips and feedback system.
The most popular Kiev Hotels:
• Hotel Elegant;
• Art-Boatel St Andre;
• Premier Hotel Rus;
• Sunflower;
• Tourist Hotel Complex;
• Fire Inn;
• Light hotel & hub;
• Hotel Mir;
• Adria Hotel;
• Bratislava Hotel.
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Kiev Weather
Kiev is located in the northern part of Ukraine, not far from the center of the country. The climate of Kiev can be described as a moderate continental, with mild winters and a fairly warm summer. That is why the weather in Kiev is optimal for people who do not like heat and frost at the same time. In the central part of Kiev in the cold period of the year the temperature is somewhat higher than on the outskirts, this is due to the large number of vehicles, and is typical for any metropolis. In summer, there are no noticeable differences between the temperature indices.
Kiev Nightlife
Kiev is not only a city with a glorious history, but also a place where night life literally rages. In terms of active spending time, Kiev will give odds to many European capitals. For those who visit Kiev for the first time, we share the list of the best nightclubs in the Ukrainian capital.
1. Caribbean Club. The Caribbean Club is considered one of the long-lived nightclubs. It was opened in 1998, and in 2013 its major repairs and rebranding took place.
2. Shooters. In the institution, they rely on quality service from spectacular Shooters girls. Visitors are offered an excellent entertainment program, an excellent menu and opportunities for absolute relaxation.
3. Skybar Club. The club has three bars at once, so during the evening you will have many opportunities to order yourself something to warm up.
4. D * Lux is a modern nightclub that makes every visitor immerse in their incendiary rhythm.
5. Ugly Coyote - an internationally popular anti-glam bar, whose franchises began to appear in many cities after the release of the film "Ugly Coyote". The establishment is considered one of the most non-trivial places for night entertainment in Kiev. See also Visiting Ukraine: Tourism in Zaporizzya
Kiev History
• Kiev is 1200 years old city. It was established by 3 brothers and 1 sister, and named in honor of alder brother Kyi.
• Kiev was the capital of Kiev Russ (IX-XIII).
• The first electric tram in the Russian Empire and the second in Europe was launched in Kiev in 1892.
• Kiev is one of the greenest cities in Europe - today, one resident of the Kiev has about 20 m² of green space.
• Monument "Motherland Mother" - one of the highest statues in the world. Its height is 102 meters and it is higher than the "Statue of Liberty" in New York.