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» Cities » Visit Odessa Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Visit Odessa Ukraine: Travel Guide For Tourists

Odessa is wonderful city near the sea, where the most beautiful and charming Ukrainian girls live. There are also a lot of professional dating agencies, for example, which will help you find your happiness and love. Actually the professional team of the site will turn your dream into reality. Believe: your possibilities are unlimited, the world is huge and your soul mate is waiting for you!

Odessa Women

Independence – is the key point of Odessa women. These ladies know how to behave with a man in order not to bother him. Of course, no One will want to play the role of nanny in a romantic relationship. If the girl had a bad day, she would talk about it a little bit, but would never annoy him with all troubles and problems. To help and support Odessa women is the duty of a real man, but still they will never turn into a handkerchief for the woman he loves. If a woman can not do anything at all without her man, this behavior will eventually start to get him out of himself. That’s why all girls leaving in Odessa are pretty independent and can support their men when they need it. Independence is the key to a happy relationship, for both men and women. Read Travelling To Lutsk: Tourist Guide
Moreover, these girls are smart. It’s not a secret that almost all men are annoyed by stupid women! But a woman, who can support an interesting intellectual conversation, immediately attracts attention of any man. Odessa women constantly keep their boyfriend toned. They will not let him get bored. And this is very, very important for a man!

Odessa weather

The Odessa climate is rather worm and soft. Actually it is temperate-marine with subtropical features, with mild winter, relatively long spring and warm often very hot, summer and warm autumn. The city is located on the coast of the Odessa Gulf of the Black Sea. The main part of the city together with the historical center is located on the plain. The city is open to all winds, all directions. That is why the general weather in Odessa is pretty nice. All tourists can enjoy not beautiful Odessa women, but also wonderful warm weather and kind sea.

Odessa Hotels

Odessa is a great place to visit. It is very popular among tourists all over the world, that’s why there are a lot of different hotels to stay. You can find thousands of places to live. It is possible to choose any type of accommodations: expansive and cheap, luxury and standard, in the center of the city or close to the sea. All rooms are air-conditioned, have free Wi-Fi and satellite TV. Odessa is a big city, that is why, it is always packed with tourists. It is recommended to book the hotels in advance, especially for summer and winter seasons.

The most popular hotels are:

• Panorama De Luxe,
• Nemo with Dolphins,
• Duke,
• Villa le Premier,
• Opera,
• DRK Residence,
• Gagarinn,
• Deribas Apartment.
More detailed information you can find Ukraine Accommodation Guide.

Odessa Tourist Attractions

Odessa is the city full of different tourist attractions. Here you can find whatever you want: museams, parks, squares, monuments, theaters, etc. The most popular tourist attractions are:
• When tourists ask what place for walks and recreation is the most popular and favorite in Odessa, in addition to Deribasovskaya, they are certainly answered: "Of course - Primorsky Boulevard." And this is indisputable: built in the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is one of the best urban ensembles in Europe. Successfully carrying out the connection of the city center with the sea, it is a front facade when acquainted with Odessa from the sea side.
• Opera House. One of the main attractions of Odessa is the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. It is the first theater in Odessa and is located in the heart of the city - Tchaikovsky Lane, 1. Nearby are Dumskaya Square, Primorsky Boulevard, as well as the world-famous Deribasovskaya Street.
• Vorontsovskaya colonnade. A light arch of the white stone colonnade is the most beautiful in its silhouette and the most easily recognizable sign when approaching Odessa from the sea. Its majestic image is often found on postcards and stamps, in booklets, magazines and on various souvenirs.
• Monument to Orange. Only few have heard the fact that some oranges have saved Odessa. Walking along the Primorsky Boulevard and further along the Zhvanetsky Boulevard (the early Boulevard of Arts), one can find one of the new monuments in Odessa - a monument to Orange. And if you want to learn more, you should visit this place.
• Monument to Duke Richelieu. Do you know which very first monument was opened in Odessa? Of course, it is a monument to the famous Duke de Richelieu on Primorsky Boulevard, a visiting card of the city. Richelieu can rightly be called one of the founders of Odessa. He made a huge contribution to the development of the city during his administration.
• "Window to Europe". The tenants of the house on Pushkinskaya Street, 12 became bored to live in their "gray yard". They asked the artist Irina Karzanov to paint this modest dwelling. Soon the usual small, so far unremarkable patio turned into a real art workshop in the fresh Odessa air.

Odessa Nightlife

Odessa is also famous with its rich nightlife. This city never sleeps - all the year round every night Odessa dances and has fun in the numerous entertainments that offers rest for any budget and preferences.


Odessa is also famous with its rich nightlife. This city never sleeps - all the year round every night Odessa dances and has fun in the numerous entertainments that offers rest for any budget and preferences. The most pathetic nightlife in Odessa is the club Ministerium, which is located in the center of the city. Ministerium is a huge building, where every evening incendiary parties are held. In summer the Ministerium has a cozy summer terrace with a superb view of the center of Odessa and pleasant live music.

Ibiza Odessa Ukraine

The most popular place among tourists and guests of the city is Ibiza beach club, which operates from May to September. Every night you can dance there until dawn under the most incendiary music right next to the sea, and relax in the lounge zone near the pools. Ibiza is one of the most popular concert venues in the city, the world pop stars regularly perform here.

Ukraine Odessa Beaches

Of course, Odessa beaches are the favorite place to rest 24/7 all the year round. There are a lot of beaches with free access to the sea. But for certain amenities and privileges, of course, you need to pay. "Arcadia", "Dolphin", "Lanzheron", "Otrada", "Gold Coast" are the most popular among tourists, also in Odessa you can find a huge number of communal beaches.