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Справочник ВУЗов Украины
Read Russian and Ukrainian? Here's the best catalog of institutions of higher education available.

Educational Institutions of Ukraine
Go here for similar information if you only read English.
ВУЗы Украины в Интернете
This site has links to the websites of nearly all secondary schools in Ukraine.

Studying in Ukraine

There are several kinds of study foreigners may be interested in Ukraine:

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There are large numbers of foreign students at Ukrainian institutes of higher education — particularly from China and Arab countries (westerners are very few). They are attracted by Ukraine's good-quality higher education at a low cost compared to many other countries. A year's tuition at Ukraine's best colleges usually costs a under six thousand dollars for foreigners. Acceptance is based almost exclusively upon payment alone; foreigners are not normally eligible for limited state-funded positions.

Most foreign students live in dormitories provided by the school at low cost, keeping their expenses low. At the same time, there are no legal provisions in place for foreign students to be able to earn money in Ukraine by working part-time (as is the case in most European countries).

Prospective students will have to get a student visa upon admission to a Ukrainian university.

Studying Ukrainian and Russian in Ukraine

A number of language schools around the country offer organized Russian and Ukrainian instruction for foreigners, and many private language tutors offer their services as well. My partners at Nova Mova school in Kiev have been teaching foreigners for several years and have built a good reputation for their flexible and personalized approach. The head teacher, Gela (a polyglot himself), often takes students on walks and gives them real-life tasks to perform using the vocabulary they have learned. You can inquire about language instruction or register for a course here at

- Learn about Russian and Ukrainian usage in Ukraine

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