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TryUkraine Online Store

At our convenient online store we have gathered all the Ukraine-related products we could find in one place that are of interest to travelers and those who are interested in Ukraine and its languages, history, and culture.

Our shop will save you lots of time you would otherwise spend hunting down and comparing products all over the web and your local bookstores. You may find you pick up a whole "basket" of fun and useful goods at our store!

Recommended purchases for travelers

  • Ukraine travel guide
    Virtually all travelers to Ukraine will find a travel guide a very useful thing to have. We have tracked down all the current guidebooks and included them in our store.
  • Ukrainian or Russian language course
    For stays of more than a few days, a knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian will make your trip so much more rewarding. Courses range from short-term beginning courses to lengthy in-depth courses. Choose the length and price based on your circumstances.







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