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'Pyramids' of Ukraine: Lugansk and Crimea

February 13, 2007

It may come as something of a shock to hear that there are pyramids in Ukraine. Indeed, I am not yet sure myself what to make of these stories.

Lugansk 'pyramid'

In August 2006 Ukrainian archeologists claimed to have discovered a "pyramidal structure" dating to 3000 BC near the city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. Apparently it turned out not to be a pyramid but a temple complex built on a hill — still plenty interesting, of course. As excavations continue it will be interesting to read about what is discovered at this site and what ramifications it has for our understanding of history.

The Sevastopol 'pyramids'

I personally had the chance to meet the discoverer of a string of supposed "buried pyramids" in southwest Crimea in and around Sevastopol in the summer of 2002. Vitaliy Gokh drove us to a site in a pine grove where there was a hole in the ground that appeared to be the top of a large spherical underground chamber. The whole thing sounded suspicious to me, especially Gokh's vague descriptions of the "geoholographic" method he invented that led him to this discovery.

Apparently, however, someone is finally going to begin excavating the 'pyramids' and we may learn the secrets they hold inside...

Archaeology in Ukraine

Ukraine has quite a few important archaeological sites. Many are in Crimea, which has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Others are spread around the country and relate to the Scythian and Trypillian cultures.



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