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Transportation resources

Order train tickets in advance:

Train timetables:

Flight schedules:
- KiyAvia timetables

Car rental in Ukraine:
- Car rental in Kiev
- Avis car rental
- Hertz car rental


Ukraine Transportation Guide

Trying to figure out how to get where you need to go can be a difficult task in a foreign country. This section will help you make sense of Ukraine's transportation infrastructure and provide you with the resources you need to plan your movements around the country. If you have your own car, read about driving in Ukraine here.

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Ukraine's transportation network

Ukraine has a very well-developed system of public transportation, and the country is much less reliant on private automobiles than the U.S. or western Europe. Every large city and regional capital is connected to the railway network and receives passenger trains daily from other major cities. The train station is the main transportation hub of every Ukrainian city. From there minibuses, trolleybuses, and private taxis take passengers to other parts of the city.

The other main transportation hub of any Ukrainian town is the intercity bus station. Often, but not always, the bus station is located next to the train station. The largest cities generally have several bus stations located at different ends of town. Intercity buses leave from the station that is in the direction of their destination.

Most Ukrainian regional capitals also have an airport on the edge of town for domestic flights and, occasionally, a small selection of international flights. Ukraine has recently got its first low-cost connections.

Inter-city travel in Ukraine is quite a bit less expensive than in Europe, but prices have been rising steadily in recent years.

Public transportation in Ukrainian cities

Every Ukrainian town and city has a complex network of public transportation dominated by minibuses, followed by trolleybuses, street trams, buses, and subway systems (only in the largest Ukrainian cities). These means are sufficient to get you where you need to go in town — after you learn how to use them (follow the links for detailed information).

Fare on public transportation is very low by European standards, usually costing 2 UAH ($0.25 USD) or less.

In addition to public transportation, taxis are available everywhere at prices lower than in Europe.

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