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Maps of Ukraine


Map of Ukraine

and its neighbors to the southwest, Moldova and Romania*

*Note that the map shows city names transcribed from Ukrainian, not Russian, with the exception of Kyiv ("Kiev"), Ukraine's capital.

Map of Ukraine's administrative regions and oblast centers

(click to enlarge)

Links to other maps of Ukraine

Map of current Ukraine weather conditions from
- Convenient map of Ukraine and its oblasts from
- Ukraine map showing more towns of Ukraine at
- Map of Ukraine's administrative regions at
- Zoomable map of Ukraine with weather forecasts for the place you're viewing

Searchable maps of cities and oblasts of Ukraine in English, Russian, and Ukrainian maps with zoom and address search for most large cities and resorts of Ukraine

Major cities of Ukraine

(official populations)
Kyiv - 2,635,300
Kharkiv - 1,575,900
Dnipropetrovsk - 1,161,200
Donetsk - 1,101,800
Odesa - 1,059,500
Zaporizzya - 887,400
Lviv - 805,900
Kryvyy Rih - 703,000
Mykolayiv - 519,000
Mariupol - 490,000
Luhansk - 493,300

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