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TryUkraine developments
4-1-2014 - massive site update planned, but then stopped
10-4-2013 - links page permanently deleted; minor design changes
7-2-2010 - blog established
4-28-2010 - search box added to menu bar
1-31-2010 - major site update underway focusing on updating and adding useful info
2-09-2007 - news section created
11-20-2006 - photo albums revamped
10-20-2006 - online store created
10-14-2006 - serious site reconstruction has begun; first page uploaded

12-25-2005 - new partner site created

11-21-2005 - new section added with answers to commonly asked questions about Ukraine and travel in Ukraine
10-12-2005 - unique weather maps of Ukraine, the Carpathians, and Crimea added, in addition to numerous other materials
7-10-2005 - new photo gallery categories to allow for future growth
7-01-2005 - new section added for partner links
6-29-2005 - new message board and forum in place!
4-14-2005 - the Ukraine Work Study Program is back!
3-12-2005 - some relevant advertising added to site
1-26-2005 - totally new site design, structure, and content. Here is the old version >>


Last update: Apr. 11, 2014 (minor update) is an information resource on Ukraine that focuses on:

  • useful information for foreign visitors and expats
  • opportunities for work, study, business, and recreation
  • current events and noteworthy aspects of life in Ukraine
  • beautiful places to visit (currently over 1500 photos)
  • useful, often unique services for travelers and expats

These topics reflect both the needs of foreigners in Ukraine and the personal interests of website author and designer RJD. itself is not a commercial entity, but it has partnership agreements with travel agencies and other commercial organizations. If there is something you'd like to see on the site that correlates well with the site's subject matter, please share your ideas. Send me a note through the guestbook or write to me at .

TryUkraine history

I began this project in early 2003 after having spent two years in Ukraine (and before that two years in Russia and one in Slovakia). The original focus was to help foreigners come to Ukraine for internships. This was called the "Ukraine Work Study Program" and operated through 2007. You can see how the original TryUkraine website looked here.

As I provided more and more information about Ukraine on my website, I realized that it could easily be turned into a country guide or portal with useful information about Ukraine for foreign visitors. A new version of the site was published in January 2005 with a greater number of articles and a more versatile design. In October 2006 I began a second significant restructuring of the site to allow for easier navigation with an increasing number of articles and photo galleries. This design is still in use years later (2014). niche

What makes unique — in my opinion — is that its main goal is to provide useful information and not to promote the services of a commercial entity or pursue a certain ideology. This ensures that the information is objective and does not paint Ukraine in an overly rozy (or negative!) hue. Because I (the author) have lived in Ukraine and other Slavic and post-Soviet countries for well over a decade, speak fluent Russian and Ukrainian, and am generally surrounded by natives in my day-to-day life, I have a perspective of the country and culture that many visitors to Ukraine do not see. Plus, I've lived in four different post-socialist countries. This point of view greatly contributes to the value of this site.

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Interested in a partnership?

If you offer services to foreigners in Ukraine that you would like to promote with the help of, I am open to collaboration. Write to me at or through the guestbook. I am also interested in business projects in areas that this website focuses on (see list at top).

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